Author "Kaikane Smith"

Kaikane Smith is 40 and is an Ivy League university graduate with over 18 years of professional and international teaching experience. He is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii/Los Angeles, California and has been teaching at universities, government organizations, companies, Fortune 500 companies and over 500,000 private students during the course of his amazing teaching career.

He is a published author of 5 international bestsellers, and enjoys writing as much as he does teaching and making everyone around him as happy as can be. Kaikane currently travels the world for fun and teaches wherever he desires or is called upon. As of now, he has over 1,000 clients (men and women) (mostly women) from around the world and also runs several other successful businesses.

In his free time he enjoys Fashion, Food, Shopping, Polo, Horseback Riding, Croquet, Skeet Shooting, Deep Sea Fishing, Yachting, Free Diving, Flying, Philanthropy, Reading, Poetry, Art, Music, Mountain Climbing, Para Gliding, Wildlife Exploring, BDSM, Women and Adventure. He’s single and is always open for cool women/people who cross his path. He has been helping individuals just like you help capture their dreams of getting rich while teaching English abroad and now it’s time for him to help you.

Good luck in your “Private English Teaching Abroad” endeavors ladies and gentleman and if you require further assistance, please book a Consultation or Service with me…

This book is the best one out there when it comes to wanting to find yourself and getting that awesome dream job in a land far away. I was a police officer in London not too long ago, and after reading "How to Get Rich Teaching English", I knew my new calling would be teaching. Many kilometers away, I am now in Milano teaching and having the time of my life doing the best and easiest job in the world all thanks to Kaikane.
Blake Miller (LONDON)
Blake Miller (LONDON)
English Teacher (Milano)
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